5th Grade Crew

Teacher: Missy Gill - m.gill@stgeorgemsu.org - 207-691-8966

Classroom Update - April 16th

Hello 5th Grade Families! We made it to April break! Between my extended absence and the amount of work we have packed into the past few weeks, it feels like February was a LONG time ago.

In Modules we continue to learn more about Jackie Robinson's life and legacy. With this unit, 5th graders have been working hard on summary and paragraph writing skills. We will continue this when we return and we will begin to start working on our opinion writing as we study different athletes and compare their contributions to those of Jackie Robinson.

In Math, when we return we will be working on multiplying and dividing decimals and understanding the volume of things by using displacement. These lessons will call on the long division and multi-digit multiplication skills that we have been working on.

I have also started a science unit on our solar system and our place in the universe. After break, we will start talking about the scale of the planets and their distance from the sun.

I have attached some pictures of our Jackie Robinson Day celebration. It was a great day and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun!

I hope you all have a great vacation!

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The first project of the year for 5th graders was to create a piece of artwork that represents who they are. We hung our artwork all together to show that we are ONE Crew made up of MANY individuals. I love looking at it!

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Check out these videos that go over some of the ways we will be safe this year.